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Bones assorted BBQ plate (beef, pork and chicken) ¥1,500

Bones special burger ¥1,500

Baby back ribs (half) ¥2,300 *Served during dinner hours only

For a smoky, juicy slice of America, enjoy BBQ at its best

Located in Uruma City, Bones specializes in smoked BBQ, with an American-style BBQ plate, baby back ribs and assorted hamburgers among its most popular dishes. Although many places include BBQ on their menu, Bones, with its hardworking smoker exuding a delicious aroma all day, is the real deal. Not only a great place to eat, the restaurant also hosts a variety of fun events. Nestled amid lush greenery near Bios no Oka, Bones is the perfect place to stop during a leisurely drive or bike ride. Bones’s own Amawari Burger, made of ground pork loin, Okinawan sweet potato and awamori mash, took first place in the 2016 Ginoza Burger Festival.