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Everything on Okinawa Island from A to Z | It’s all about good food, beer, and basketball at Blue Turtle Resort

Okinawa Island Guide

It’s all about good food, beer, and basketball at Blue Turtle Resort

Blue Turtle Resort has seating both in and outside.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a menu with a Hawaiian flair combined with craft beer delivered from Chatan Brewery is what customers can look forward to when visiting the Blue Turtle Resort on the first floor of the f plaza building in Chatan's American Village.

All that is accompanied by a continuous dose of basketball through large monitors on the walls, playing games of the Okinawan professional basketball team, the "Ryukyu Golden Kings." Inside, single seats line the long counter while box seats with tables are across along the wall, separated by a long table with seating on both sides in the middle. The outdoor terrace has more tables for those who like outdoor dining.

In the evening, the restaurant changes to a sports bar where fans of the Golden Kings can gather to have a beer or two while discussing the latest about their favorite team. Of course, complete dinner sets are also available, along with snack foods to accompany beers and drinks.

There's a reason the Blue Turtle Resort calls itself "Okinawa's only sports café where the Kings' games come alive!" It's also the only Ryukyu Golden Kings' Official Partner Shop!" on Okinawa, so the chances are that with luck, you can run into one or two of the team members in person in the restaurant and even have a little chat with them.

The menu offers all breakfasts for ¥1,000 and a line of lunch sets from ¥1,100. The dinner sets are ¥2,750 and include an appetizer, salad, main dish, dessert, and one drink. During The bar time in the evenings, the drinks, snacks, and dinner items start from ¥550.



Blue Turtle Resort

f plaza Bldg. 1F, Mihama

8:00 – 22:00 (Sat & Sun until 24:00)

Tel: 098-989-7237