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Kariyushi Wear Gettou Monogatari


Men’s Deigo Button Down Shirt ¥ 9,180



Okinawan gettou (shell ginger)

Gettou Monogatari is a unique store specializing in Okinawan kariyushi wear, which has recently become the “white collar alternative” in Okinawa. No longer just resort wear, colorful, island-inspired kariyushi shirts are now worn in business and government offices everywhere. Gettou is Okinawa’s native shell ginger used since ancient times as a food, medicinal herb and textile. The brand’s signature cotton / gettou fiber Gettou Monogatari line has an airy, linen-like weave that is cool, crisp and thoroughly Okinawan. Ask about their Sango (coral ) And Okinawa Monogatari lines, too. Bring the advertisement from Okinawa Island Guide Free, Vol. 9, and receive 10 percent off all non-discounted items.

月桃物語 Kariyushi Wear Gettou Monogatari

Kumoji 3-3-20, Naha City (GS Kumoji Bldg 2F.)
Tel: 098-861-5678
Hours: 11: 00-20: 00, Daily
Closed: Year End, New Years
URL: Www.Kariyushi-gettou.Com

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