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International Carnival 2018

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International Carnival features return of ‘genuine’ Santa

Date: Saturday-Sunday, Nov. 24-25, 2018
Time: 13:00-21:00
Place: Gate 2 Street (Okinawa City)
Admission: Free

The first day of the International Carnival will feature an international parade from participants of various countries including the US and the Philippines, presenting their cultures through performances. A Santa Claus accredited by the “International Association of Authorized Santa Clauses” will come and entertain the carnival-goers. Before the event, you can sign up as a participant for the parades. There will also be contests for the best costume (Christmas or otherwise) and live performance on the stage.

On the second day motorcycle riders from all over the island will assemble on Gate 2 Street, which will be closed to traffic and packed with some 200 bikes for the occasion. A tug-of-war, rock concert and dance performance are also in the program.

Don’t miss this outdoor festival reflecting the international character of Okinawa City, where people from more than 30 different nations live and work.


The sight of the riders showing off their gear and shining Harleys and other motorcycles along Gate 2 Street is simply amazing and cannot be witnessed in any other part of Japan.