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糸満ふるさと祭り エイサーinいとまん

Itoman Furusato Festival Eisa in Itoman

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Various performing arts shows including Eisa drum dancing will entertain the crowds all day long, and brilliant fireworks will light up the night sky to end the event with a bang. There will be a flea market and Yachimun pottery market area, as well as a Children’s Festival held at the same time.
This year’s festival is even more packed with much to see and do, with the Haryusen (Dragon Boat) Festival 2019 and the Nanbu Yutakana Umizukuri (southern region’s promotion for plentiful seas) Festival also held together to make one great event. There will be a chance to experience a ride on the traditional wooden Sabani sailboat, see the tuna filleting show & auction, direct sales of fresh sashimi, and glass-bottom boat experience, too! Feast on the many delicious fares offered at the various food booths, and enjoy events that you can only experience here in Itoman, an Uminchu fishermen’s town. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience and learn about shark control, traditional fishing techniques, and other interesting displays that you won’t find elsewhere!

Date: Sunday, August 18, 2019
Place: Kita (North) Area in Itoman Fishing Port
Admission: Free


Tuna Filleting Show & Auction
8/17 From 13:00 & 8/18 From 12:00

Glass-Bottom Boat Experience
8/17 From 13:00 to 17:00 & 8/18 From 10:00 to 17:00

Direct Sales of Fresh Sashimi
8/17 From 14:30 Until Sold Out & 8/18 From 13:30 Until Sold Out

Free Itoman Furusato Festival
Date: Saturday-Sunday, Aug. 17 and 18, 2019
Time: T.B.A *Firewoks starts at 21:00
Place: Itoman Fishing Port Kita (North) area
Admission: Free

Visitors can enjoy eisa dances and other performing arts shows all day long. A beautiful fireworks display will light up the night sky for the event finale. A flea market known as the Yachimun Market and a kids’ festival will be held concurrently at the venue.