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We here at Okinawa Index hope this website will help you find things of interest on the island that will make your stay more enjoyable. Okinawa is a fascinating place to explore, with spectacular beaches, abundant natural beauty, historic and scenic spots and endless activities to suit every taste. It’s also home to a traditional culture that is further enriched by the countless visitors from other countries who pass through, making it a truly unique champuru, or mixed, culture. Enjoy it to the fullest during your time here!


What we do at Okinawa Index

- Advertisement agency for English-language publications catering to U.S. military personnel
- Cross-media marketing & marketing consulting
- Publications & other websites
- Translation
- Design production & representative services
- Cast extras



- 米軍基地向け媒体 広告代理業務・コーディネイト・マーケティング
- 英語版沖縄観光マガジン「Island Guide」
- 英語版グルメ&エンターテイメント ポータルサイト・マガジン「NightLife」
- 翻訳業務
- デザイン制作
- 編集&企画プロダクション業務
- 外国人キャスティング


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