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Ikei Beach

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This beach is situated on Ikei Island, which is accessible by car via an inter-island causeway known as Kaichu-doro. With its crystal-clear water, home to countless numbers of tropical fish, Ikei Beach provides the opportunity to swim safely without fear of the tide, and it’s very popular among tourists. If you plan on going snorkeling, be aware that wearing a life jacket is mandatory for all snorkelers at Ikei Beach.

Swimming season: April-October
Hours: 9:00-17:30 *Subject to change.
Admission: 400 yen for adults (junior high school students and up), 300 yen for children ages 5 to elementary school students and free for under 4 years of age
*Parking is included in beach admission.
Facilities and services: Changing rooms, shower facilities (200 yen), coin-operated lockers (200 yen), lifeguard, shop, restaurant
Parking: Free
Pets: Not allowed
Snorkeling: OK *All snorkelers are required to wear a life jacket.
Camping: OK (Admission: 600 yen for adults, 400 yen for children, free for children under 4. *Tent rentals: 500 yen/unit)
Rentals: Beach and swimming gear
Marine activities: Available *English-speaking staff available.

Banana boat (15 min, 1,500 yen/person), U-shaped tube ride (10 min, 2,000 yen/person), snorkeling tour (60 min, 4,000 yen/person), glass-bottom boat (30 min, adults 1,500 yen; children 800 yen; free for children under 4)
*Children: 5 years old to elementary school students.

BBQ: OK (All year)
Bring your own BBQ grill and food: OK (Food only)
BBQ package with food: BBQ grill rental: 2,500; BBQ food set: 1,600/person
*Reservation for a tent (BBQ space) must be made when booking for BBQ (Tent rentals: Small tent 2,000 yen, large tent 3,000 yen).
*Advance reservation must be made at least one day prior to the requested date.
*English-speaking staff available.


伊計ビーチ Ikei Beach

405 Ikei, Yonashiro, Uruma City
Tel: 098-977-8464

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