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Okinawa Island Guide

From Toguchi Port (Motobu Town) to Minna Island Port

Minna Island (North)


For access to Minna Island, the New Wing Minna runs from Toguchi Port in Motobu Town. The port is located near Tancha Park and is a 15-minute drive from Motobu Port.

New Wing MinnaPfares01
Departing from: Toguchi Port (Motobu Town)
Duration: 15 minutes
Transport service: Passengers

*Adult fares are for passengers aged 12 years and older (junior high school students and over).
*Children’s fares are for passengers in elementary school.
*Free travel for children under 5 years of age.
*Group discounts are available for 15 or more passengers booking together.
*Listed fares are available until the end of March 2014, with the fares being revised due to the planned tax hike in April 2014.


*Advance booking for groups is available.
*Please be onboard the vessel at least 15 minutes before scheduled departure time.
*Travelers are required to purchase their tickets 30 minutes before the departure time.

>>> Official Website for Minna Kaiun (shipping company; Japanese only)

For more information: Minna Kaiun
Tel: 0980-47-5179