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Pottery artist: Osamu Makiya

Osamu Makiya, a ceramic artist who has recently been attracting attention, approaches his art with perseverance as he develops his own style while preserving the traditions of the art. He has a workshop and gallery in an old house nestled in the Nanjo City countryside where visitors can not only purchase his works but also see Makiya’s world of ceramic art, consisting of various styles from which they can trace the evolution of ceramics in Okinawa under the influence of the island’s various trading partners over the centuries.

A mixture of traditional and modern

Osamu Makiya. After studying under Jissei Omine, a master ceramic artist, Makiya struck out on his own and moved to Nanjo City four years ago.

Available here are various cups and plates with impressive decorations such as graceful arabesque and random dots. These utensils can also be used in everyday life.