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4D theater comes to Okinawa World

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A 4D theater opened on Feb. 1 at Okinawa World where you can enjoy physical effects in addition to a 3D presentation. The seats move back and forth during the movies, and animals and meteors jump out from a 360-degree screen. Two movies are showcased: “Aqua World” and “Fantastic World,” at 15 minutes each.

Time: “Aqua World”: 9:30/10:30/11:30/12:30/13:30/14:30/15:30/16:30
“Fantastic World”: 10:00/11:00/12:00/13:00/14:00/16:00/16:00/17:00

Place: Satokibi kan, Okinawa World
Admission: 500 yen for adults and children alike
*Children 6 and under must be accompanied by an adult.
*The entrance fee for Okinawa World is not required as the event venue is located in a free area.