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A new hangout for best friends!


If you're a dog lover, you probably already know about the new facility opening on Route 23 in Chatan.

Okinawa Vets Park Chatan will open for business on July 25. The facility is managed by Animal Hospital 22 and provides a variety of pet services geared toward improving and maintaining your pet's health and quality of life. Facilities include a hospital, therapeutic trimming/grooming services, rehabilitation services, elderly dog care and a dog run. In addition to veterinary services, there are also specialty shops and a dog café that are worth visiting.

Dog run rates:
Day pass: 550 yen / 1 pet (2-hour limit)
Month pass: 3,300 yen / 1 pet (2-hour limit, one visit per day)
Year pass: 12,600 yen / 1 pet (2-hour limit, one visit per day)
Each additional attendant: 200 yen / 1 pet (2-hour limit)
*Prices include up to 4 attendants per 1 pet.

Veterinary facilities & services:
1F Examination room, operating room, inpatient rooms, consultation room
2F Pet hotel, therapeutic trimming/grooming, rehabilitation facilities, elderly dog care
3F Corporate office/administration

1F Dog café / pet shop / pet specialty shops
2F More specialty shops


Okinawa Vets Park Chatan

459-4 Ihei, Chatan Town
TEL 098-983-8855
Hours: 09:00-18:00
Closed: Sat, Sun, Holidays