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Harley-Davidson Okinawa


Harley-Davidson Okinawa, founded in 1999, is the only official Harley-Davidson dealer on the island. Located on Route 58, the store offers new and used models of Harley-Davidson bikes along with a large supply of genuine Harley-Davidson engine parts and limited-edition merchandise ranging from affordable accessories including jacket patches and emblems, mugs, glasses and lighters to apparel such as riding and casual jackets, T-shirts and more.

The store’s products are popular as birthday and anniversary gifts as well as souvenirs and can be gift-wrapped to suit the occasion.

IMG_8071 IMG_8070
The original Harley-Davidson Okinawa T-shirt is popular as a souvenir.
Sizes for men, women and children are available. From 3,500 yen (tax not included)


IMG_8074 IMG_8076

Harley-Davidson Okinawa limited edition emblems and patches, 1,200 yen (tax not included)
Harley-Davidson Okinawa

1-10-18 Oyama, Ginowan
Hours: 10:00-17:00
Closed: Mon
Credit cards accepted
Yen only

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