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Inamine Ryukyu glass


The studio and gallery of contemporary master craftsman Seikichi Inamine is located in Yomitan Village, an oasis of peace in an abundantly rich natural environment. The retail shop displays many different types of glass produced under the supervision of head craftsman Seiichiro, the son of Seikichi. Inamine’s glassware differs from everyday Ryukyu glass sold at souvenir shops, featuring sophisticated air bubbles and warm colors that bring out the best of the component materials. Due to its original technique and distinct design, his work is called Ryukyu Inamine Glass and has won several awards.



Seikichi Inamine

Born in 1940, he trained at the Okuhara Glassworks following graduation from junior high school. After working at Ryukyu Glass Mura, he established the free glassblowing studio Rainbow in 1988. His awards include the Outstanding Performance Award from the Okinawa Prefecture Public Subscription Exhibition and an award for outstanding technique for contemporary master craftsmen.





Free glassblowing studio Rainbow
2748 Zakimi Yokotayabaru, Yomitan Village
Tel: 098-958-6448
Hours: 9:00-18:00 (Studio is open until 17:00)


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