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Nishihara Festival

This is the local festival of Nishihara Town and will be held over the course of two days. During the festival more than 1,800 performers from the Nishihara area will take part in various events such as a creative drum performance, eisa, sanshin, Ryukyuan classical dance, drama and a karaoke competition.

Date: Saturday-Sunday, Oct. 26-27, 2019
Time: Saturday 14:00-21:00
Place: Higashizaki Park (Nishihara Town)
Admission: Free


Audiences should not miss the chance to see a world class performance by the marching band of Nishihara High School, which won first prizes in 2013 national and international contests.


The highlight of this festival will be a procession led by the “Ryukyu dynasty king,” Shou En. Breaking from the traditional Ryukyu dynasty royal procession held during the Shurijo Castle Festival, this starts with a modern hip hop dance followed by Ryukyuan classical music, giving the audience the impression they are slipping back in time to the Ryukyu dynasty period.


The hatagashira show is a traditional art form using banners, usually performed to pray for a good harvest and good health. During events such as tugs-of-war, local men hold heavy banners and lead their teams. During this particular performance, they will pray for the prosperity of Nishihara.