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33rd Peaceful Love Rock Festival


The Peaceful Love Rock Festival, the oldest annual rock festival in Japan, has been held every summer since its inception in 1983. Everyone from young underground bands to rock legends performs for two days running, including Murasaki and the Kacchan band, famous Okinawan bands that had a great impact on Japanese rock history. The concert venue is actually a bullring, and rock lovers, often from mainland Japan, enjoy powerful musical performances up close and personal.

Date: Saturday-Sunday, July 9-10, 2016
Time: Doors open13:00; event starts 13:30
Place: Okinawa City Outdoor Stage (Okinawa City)
Admission: 3,500 yen for advance single-day tickets; 6,000 yen for advance 2-day tickets *Extra 500 yen for same-day tickets

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