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Drum Tao presents: Hyakka Ryouran – Japan Drum Emaki

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Date: Saturday, June 20, 2015
Time: Doors open 16:30; show starts 17:00
Place: Okinawa Convention Center (theater hall)
Admission: SS-class seating 6,000 yen; S-class seating 5,500 yen; A-class seating 4,500 yen
*Ticket prices include tax.
*Under school age children not permitted.

A flawless performance by talented performers with athletic bodies makes for an amazing experience. Based in Oita Prefecture, Kyushu, Drum Tao has performed its powerful shows at 400 locations in 20 countries and has achieved unparalleled success as a Japanese performing arts group. Its choreography and stage and costume design are all original. “Hyakka Ryouran -- Japan Drum Emaki,” portraying a sumptuous banquet held in the Edo period accompanied by Tao’s distictive drumming, is Drum Tao’s 22nd anniversary gala performance.

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