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Haisai Latina presents Tromboranga

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This wildly popular show will soon be on the last leg of their current world tour in Okinawa. Featuring a dynamic mix of horns, percussion and soneos (improvised vocals) that has carried these amazing artists to New York, Miami, Stockholm, Moscow, Valencia, Barcelona, Paris, London, Tokyo and more, Tromboranga will bring its dynamic Latin beat to Koza Music on August 28.

The band

Director Joaquin Arteaga leads a rocking, talented cast to include Diego Coppinger (soneo improvised vocals), Freddy Ramos (vocals), Lorenzo “El Diablo” Barriendos (bass), Rafael Arciniegas Madagascar (piano), Vladimir Peña, Josep Blanes and Albert Costa (trombone) and Chistian “El Niño” Cosanatan and José Cubas (percussion).

Together, this group adds up to an evening of hot Latin coolness.

Date: Sunday, August 28, 2016
Place: Koza Music Town Otoichiba
Time: Doors open 17:30
Admission: Advance tickets 4,000 yen; at the door 4,500 yen

Tel:  080-3977-4934