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Izena King Sho En Festival


This two-day festival celebrates Izena Island as the birthplace of King Sho En, the founder of the Second Sho Dynasty of the Ryukyu Kingdom. A variety of events and activities, including a ground golf tournament, a youth soccer tournament, events featuring specialty products, music performances, a fireworks display and more, can be enjoyed during the festival.

* 1 hour by ferry from Unten Port (north of the island) to Izena Port (2 round trips a day)

Date: Saturday-Sunday, Aug. 8-9, 2018
Time: 9:00-22:00
Place: Izena Rinkai Fureai Park (Izena Island)
Performances on open-air stage: Morning session (8:30-12:00); evening session (17:00-22:00)
Admission: Free