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Kariyushi Million Fantasy

プールサイド㈬ アクアイリュージョン イメージプールサイド㈪

This is one of the largest nighttime illuminations in Okinawa, featuring some 1,400,000 sparkling lights and lasting for a longer period of time than similar events held at local hotels.

The hotel's garden pool and its surrounding area are transformed into a world of “aquatic illusion” where you can enjoy a spectacular fountain show that combines music, colored jets of water, the main Christmas tree and myriad sparkling lights. The reflections in the pool add to the romantic atmosphere.

A live music show titled “Kariyushi Million Fantasy Live” will take place twice every evening during the month of December (1st show: 19:00; 2nd show: 20:20).

Happy Heart
Take a souvenir photo with the huge heart-shaped frame adorned with pink lights.


Date: Saturday, Oct. 29 through Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2016
Time (night lighting): Sunset-24:00
Place: 11 different areas on the premises of Okinawa Kariyushi Beach Resort Ocean Spa and Spa Resort Exes
Admission: Free
Parking: Hotel guests 500 yen per night, or 1,000 yen for two or more nights *Outside visitors will not be charged for parking.
For more information: Okinawa Kariyushi Beach Resort Ocean Spa: Tel 098-967-8731 / Spa Resort Exes: Tel 098-967-7500