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Southern Island Star Festival 2015


This is an annual summer festival held in association with the traditional tanabata (Japanese star festival), which takes place on July 7 of the lunar calendar. This year the traditional tanabata occurs on Aug. 15 , which is the day the Southern Island Star Festival 2015 kicks off with special opening events, including the switching off of lights for stargazing and live music performances. In addition, lectures and talks, meteorite exhibitions, planetarium sessions and more events are scheduled at various places around Ishigaki Island through Aug. 23. Some of the astronomical observatories on the island will be open to the public during the festival period.

Date: Saturday-Sunday, Aug. 15-23, 2015
Time: 20:30-21:30
Place: Painumahama-cho Ryokuchi Park
Admission: Free
Parking: Available