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Ryukyu Mura

Ryukyu Mura reproduces Okinawa's old townscape, rarely found on the islands today. It’s a very popular location for filming movies and TV programs. It was chosen as the location for the “Tempest,” a Japanese movie and TV series with a story set in the late 18th century Ryukyu Kingdom. Some Korean, Chinese and Taiwanese movies have been filmed there, too.

Immerse yourself in old Okinawa

Ryukyu Mura is a cultural theme park offering a taste of the traditional lifestyle of Okinawa. Old Okinawan homes brought from all over the islands serve as cafés, restaurants, and workshops where visitors can try their hand at weaving and crafting pottery or shisa, take sanshin classes or rent a traditional Ryukyuan costume. Some of the houses are over 200 years old, and seven buildings in the park were registered as National Tangible Cultural Properties in May 2007.

There are many experience options, from traditional Ryukyu costume experience walking course and shisa coloring to coral photo frame and lamp making. Brown sugar is produced in an old-fashioned way at Sataya, with the help of a mighty water buffalo turning the sugarcane press.

There are also special experience programs suitable for MICE that will make participants feel like aristocrats of the Ryukyu Dynasty.

Daily Eisa show at 9:00, 12:00, 14:00, and 16:00 (10-15 min)