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Komaka Island


komaka_island_mapKomaka Island is a small, uninhabited island ringed by beautiful white sand beaches and with a circumference of only 800 meters. The island is located about 15 minutes by ferry from the port at Chinen Ocean Leisure Center, situated right next to Azama Sunsun Beach in Nanjo City (round-trip fare: 2,500 yen). A popular remote-island getaway, Komaka is crowded with people who enjoy sea-bathing, diving, snorkeling and beach parties. In summer, you can camp under a star-studded sky. The waters surrounding Komaka Island are amazingly clear, boasting a transparency of some 20 meters. Near the beaches, you can enjoy snorkeling and see many colorful tropical fish contrasting with the white sand bottom.

The only facility available on the island is a toilet. When visiting the island, don't forget to bring your own food, drinks and items such as beach umbrellas. Before leaving for Komaka Island, you can purchase a variety of swimming gear, including swimsuits, tubes and more, at Chinen Ocean Leisure Center. In addition, snorkeling equipment (fins, mask and snorkel set), beach umbrellas and coolers (including ice) are available for rent, and BBQ packages with food and a gas grill are also on offer. Pets are not allowed aboard the ferry.


Access information
Boat: 15 minutes from Chinen Ocean Leisure Center in Nanjo City (8 trips a day)