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Ie Island

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The flower island

Ie Island is a small island measuring 22.73 kilometers in circumference, located a 30-minute ferry ride away from Motobu Port in northern Okinawa. One of the must-dos on the island is climbing Mount Gusuku, popularly known as Tacchu. Tacchu, a craggy mountain with a sharp top, is visible from the main island of Okinawa. It is the symbol of Ie Island, and you can enjoy a spectacular panoramic view from the peak. The coastline in the north part of the island consists of steep cliffs rising to about 60 meters above sea level, while the south coast is blessed with stretches of sandy beaches. Ie Island, 35 percent of which is occupied by the U.S. Marine Corps, is rich in nature and is also known as the flower island. Ie Island is famous for the Lily Festival in April and May and the Hibiscus Festival in December, when some 1,100 different kinds of hibiscus are in bloom. From Ie Island, you can faintly see Izena and Iheya islands to the northeast and the Kerama Islands to the southwest.



Ie Beach

Access information
Ferry: 30 minutes from Motobu Port (4-5 trips a day)

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Specialties of Ie Island
Diamond squid, mozuku, sugarcane, brown sugar, peanuts, Iejima beef