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Okinawa Island Guide


The ultimate nature park in Okinawa

This facility is one of the few places on the island where you can ride in a water buffalo-drawn cart. A leisurely, 20-minute water buffalo cart ride enveloped in nature costs ¥2,200 for adults and ¥1,100 for children.


Okinawa is the only place in Japan with a subtropical oceanic climate. Because Okinawa has such a unique natural environment, visitors can enjoy the clear emerald-green waters of the surrounding seas, lush evergreen forests that cover the islands, and the spectacular scenery of dense forests of subtropical plants and mangroves along its riverbanks. Okinawa's wilderness is home to many endemic species that are rare even in the world, and many wilderness areas are yet to be fully explored. Bios Hill, a facility where visitors can enjoy such great nature in one place, is a 25.5-hectare site based on the concept of recreating the natural landscape of Okinawa as it was in the past. It is located on the hills near an Okinawa Expressway exit near Ishikawa. The facility boasts one of the largest numbers of orchids in Japan growing throughout the area and is designed to follow the natural ecosystem as much as possible. Canoeing and buffalo cart rides are available around the facility. It is such a treasure house of nature that 51 of the 57 species of butterflies in the prefecture have been spotted on the grounds of Bios Hill. Everyone should visit This recommended healing spot at least once while in Okinawa. It’s a place to enjoy genuine forest bathing and healing.

Enjoy a canoe experience on the lake. (¥1,980 for adults; ¥1,100 for children)

This park has the largest number of orchids in all of Japan. Horticulturists nurture the young orchids in the park's greenhouses and then transplant them throughout the park. Other plants and trees, including pine trees, pineapples, ferns, and a wide variety of flowers, are also cultivated. Foliage in the shape of dragons and scrolls can be seen throughout the park.