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船浮 Funauki

Iriomote, Taketomi Town (Iriomote Island)

There is a spot on Iriomote Island that has been increasingly attracting the attention of tourists for the last several years. Funauki is a small, peaceful village with about 50 residents. The village is isolated from the rest of the island and has a tranquil feeling to it with a different sense of time. It has no paved roads or cars, and its lack of accessibility has preserved its natural beauty. Tours to Funauki are highly recommended. Ferries for Funauki depart three or four times a day from Shirahama Port. To get to Funauki Village from Ishigaki Island, catch a ferry at Ishigaki Ritou Terminal bound for Uehara or Funaura Port on Iriomote, then proceed by bus to Shirahama Port and on to Funauki by ferry. It is quite time consuming to visit Funauki Village by yourself and can cost more than participating in an organized tour.

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