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Okinawa Island Guide

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A place full of hands-on projects

Along the beautiful coast of Yomitan is a facility where the process of producing salt from seawater can be observed free of charge along with an exhibit of salts of the world at the Salt Museum. Visitors can also enjoy the unique experience of making salt themselves (40 min, ¥1,500). On offer as well are workshops with hands-on Ryukyu glass blowing (7-10 min, from ¥2,700), dragonfly bead accessory fashioning (15 min, from ¥1,620) and pottery crafting (15 min, ¥2,500). There is also a pizza stand, a souvenir shop and an Okinawan restaurant where you can sample popular local specialties such as sea salt-flavoredice cream and rice crackers seasoned with Okinawan salt. Admission is free except for Sango Batake.

Popular salt ice cream