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Tanagagumui in Aha

安波のタナガーグムイの植物群落 Tanagagumui in Aha

Aha, Kunigami Village, Kunigami

The plant community around the Tanagagumui area is designated as a protected species area. There are many rare plants such as koke-tanpopo (a kind of dandelion), yakushima-sumire (a type of violet) and Ryukyuasebi, which is a tree with pretty white, bell-shaped flowers. To reach Tanagagumui, be prepared to do some trekking, making it advisable to wear sturdy shoes and casual clothes. Visitors must hike down a narrow trail with a rope to get to the final destination. Despite all the hiking, this is a trip worth doing as breathtaking views await the visitors who make it there.

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