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Okinawa Island Guide
金月そば 読谷本店

Kinchichi Soba Yomitan branch

Savor the very best of homemade Okinawa soba

Kinchichi Soba is highly recommended for Okinawa soba lovers. Their homemade soba noodles are freshly prepared with a distinctive chewy texture.

In addition, kinchichi Soba also strives to make their soba meals – including the homemade broth and other ingredients – healthy and savory. There are a number of items to choose from, including tantan (spicy with sesame flavor) soba, tofu and vegetable soba as well as yushi-dofu (creamy tofu) soba (from 630 yen).

金月そば 読谷本店 Kinchichi Soba Yomitan branch

Kinchichi Soba Yomitan branch
201 Kina, Yomitan Village
Tel: 098-958-5896
Closed: Mon
*Yen Only

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