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レッドキッチン & カフェ

Red Kitchen & Café


Enjoy international cuisine and refreshing drinks on Gate 2 Street

Red Kitchen & Café is a spacious restaurant that offers international cuisine such as Thai dishes, Brazilian foods and American classics. It is a popular go-to spot that features special events, happy hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays, $2 tacos on Sundays (beef, fish and chicken) and an entertaining nightlife. Make a visit the next time you are out and about!

Available is an excellent selection of alcoholic beverages as well as a one-hour all-you-can drink (2,000 yen) option for two or more people.


Grizzly Monster Burger

Best Seller! Monster grizzly burger
2,100 yen


Grilled Brazilian Steak
Grilled Brazilian steak served with salsa and cassava
1,800 yen


Thai Dish
Shrimp pad Thai
1,000 yen


Volcano taco rice
1,000 yen
レッドキッチン & カフェ Red Kitchen & Café

1-9-2 Chuo, Okinawa City
Hours: 11:00-21:00; Fri, Sat 17:00-1:00; Sun 12:00-21:00 /
*Lunch available from March 2018
Closed: Mon, 1st and 3rd Tue


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