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Okinawa Island Guide
やっぱりステーキ 北谷美浜店

Yappari Steak Chatan Mihama branch

Yappari Steak Chatan Mihama branch
Tel: 098-936-2955
Hours: 11:00-24:00 (Last order 23:00)
Open daily

猫カフェ プチマリー

Cat Café Puchi Marry

Tel: 098-989-5085
Hours:11:00-22:00 (Last Entry 21:30)
Address: 2F Seaside Square, 9-8 Mihama, Chatan, Nakagami, Okinawa
Rates: 200 Yen (plus tax) / 10 Minutes
Soft Drinks (with free refills) 350 Yen (plus tax)

Free Wi-Fi, cellphone charge


Start your day in vibrant Chatan! The AMERICAN VILLAGE MORNING MART will be held on March 31!

美浜アメリカンビレッジ ライトアップ

Light up your holiday season at Mihama American Village

6th Okinawa Vegan Food Festival

All of American Village is your stage! Mihama: Halloween Costume Contest

Azama Sun-Sun Beach Festival

7th Chatan No.1 Gourmet Battle


Octoberfest 2018

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Chiyoda Braidal House (Chatan)

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Tahitian Dance Studio Poemaram...

エイサーフェスティバル in 北谷

Eisa Festival in Chatan