Okinawa Island Guide

Everything on Okinawa Island from A to Z | Chatan Town

Okinawa Island Guide

Mihama’s iconic Akara Building to become history

Dining and Cigar THE VERONA

アイリッシュパブ ハウディ

Irish Pub HOWDY

34-3 Mihama, Chatan, Depot Central Bldg. 5F
Tel. 098-989-9494

Open daily


Pikachu parades in Mihama May 7 & 8

Mihama American Village is now Pikachu Town

Female ceramic artists to showcase wares on Depot Island Boardwalk

Happy days are here again: Awamori Festival vol. 2

BUNBUN bases meals on fresh fruit

Christmas is forever at Christmas Land

In chatan TO GO Menu

Chatan Food and Beverage Association approved takeaway restaurants


Vessel Hotel Campana Okinawa

34-2 Mihama, Chatan, Okinawa 904-0115
Tel: 098-936-1188