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Okinawa Island Guide

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Ama Beach Opening


Mae Island

Tokashiki Village (Mae Island)

Mae Island is located about seven kilometers to the east of Tokashiki Island. North of Mae are Hate Island and Naka Island, which are generally included when referring to Mae Island. This island is popular for fishing and diving. Visitors can get to the island by charter boat or by a tour arranged by a travel agency. The cost for a round trip from and back to Tokashiki Island by charter boat can range between 30,000 yen and 50,000 yen. As there is no accommodation on the island, Mae is suitable for day trips only.


Nishi Beach

Aka, Zamami Village (Aka Island)

This is a stunning beach with a fully developed coral reef and colorful tropical fish. The most popular beach on the island, it is frequented by diving and snorkeling lovers during the summer season.


Ama Beach

Ama, Zamami Village (Zamami Island)

Five minutes from Zamami Port by vehicle. There is a facility in the vicinity called Kujiranosato, which offers campsites, bungalows and a swimming pool. Even though Ama Beach is not as busy as Furuzamami Beach, it is a convenient spot with shops and food concessions available during the high season.


Furuzamami Beach

Zamami, Zamami Village (Zamami Island)

The best-known beach on Zamami Island. Visitors can sometimes observe tropical fish even just standing on the shore. This beach is popular among tourists during the summer season.


Aharen Beach

Aharen, Tokashiku Village (Tokashiki Island)

Fifteen minutes by vehicle from Tokashiki Port. A popular beach where visitors can enjoy various marine sports and have access to shower facilities. There are many places of accommodation and restaurants near the beach.

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Tokashiku Beach

1919-1 Tokashiku, Tokashiku Village (Tokashiki Island)

Quiet atmosphere with fewer people compared to Aharen Beach. A breathtaking sunset on the horizon can be enjoyed.


Reef Inn Kuniyoshi

178 Aharen, Tokashiki Village (Tokashiki Island)
Tel: 098-987-2206
Category: Hostels & guesthouses
Price range: Budget


Geruma Island

Zamami Village (Geruma Island)

The smallest island in the Keramas in terms of population. It is connected by bridge with Aka Island, and the majority of its land is pristine forest. The south of the Geruma Island is linked by bridge with the small, uninhabited Fukaji Island. Chartered flights to Geruma are available since regular flights were abolished in 2006. This is a quiet island, ideal for visitors who enjoy nature. The Geruma deer, a protected species, is one of the main attractions. Visitors can rent a cycle or motorcycle at rental shop Sho located on Aka Island for use on Geruma Island

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Kushibaru Beach

Aka, Zamami Village (Aka Island)

A quiet beach located in the westernmost part of Aka Island with nothing nearby but the Kushibaru observation tower. With its pristine crystal clear waters, it is ideal for snorkeling and popular among tourists who despite its inconvenient access arrange transportation just to experience the snorkeling and swimming there.

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Hizushi Beach

Aka, Zamami Village (Aka Island)

A small, tranquil beach located to the west of Aka. It is known for its beautiful sunset and is filled with visitors in the early evening.