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Shurijo Castle makes T+L top 10

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Bankokushinryo Bell Ringing Experience

Opening of the gate ceremony (Shurijo Castle)

Beginning sanshin lesson

An invitation to dance

The Ryukyu Kingdom’s biggest and most important ceremony comes alive


Large akagi trees in Kinjo-cho Shuri

3-18-20 Kinjo-cho, Shuri, Naha City

There are six giant akagi (bishop wood) trees in Kinjo-cho, with the largest estimated to be over 200 years old. The trees were designated by the Japanese government as a Natural Treasure in 1972. Similar trees used to be found in and around Shurijo Castle in the past; however, most of them were destroyed during the war. Today, this is the only place where large akagi trees can be seen in the prefecture.



Kinjo-cho, Shuri, Naha City

The second gate of Shurijo Castle comes into view soon as one enters Shurijo Castle Park. The term “shurei” means “observing propriety.” The plaque on the gate is inscribed with the four Chinese characters that read “Land of Propriety,” or Shurei-no-kuni. This beautiful layered gate still conveys the spirit of Ryukyu and serves as a demonstration of courtesy.

The World Heritage


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