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New bus lane hours starting July 14

Traveling by car is the main means of transportation in Okinawa, which lacks a rail system apart from the monorail running across Naha City. With a high rate of auto ownership, Okinawa, especially Naha's downtown area, faces the problem of traffic congestion.

For the smooth circulation of buses in the morning and evening rush hour, some lanes in and around Naha City are restricted to buses, to the exclusion of most other vehicles. In order to ease traffic congestion, the morning and evening bus lane hours will be shortened by 30 minutes starting July 14. New hours will take effect on all relevant roads, including Kokusai Street, by early August. This will be the first change made to the bus lane hours since the restriction was implemented in 1974. It's expected that the 30-minute reduction will help improve traffic flow in the area.

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