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Whitening Salon Chura

The latest teeth whitening care at reasonable prices

For a specialized teeth-whitening service, visit Chura, which boasts a staff with considerable experience compared to similar facilities around the island. This salon offers safe oral care, recommended for those who have never had their teeth whitened. Customers are satisfied with their brilliant white teeth after the first treatment, boosting teeth whiteness by 2 to 6 shades and possibly up to 8. Each treatment takes about 30 minutes and is reasonably priced at ¥3,759, making it effortless to try out. Chura has branches in Shintoshin, Nishihara and Ginowan, with English-speaking staff available in Ginowan.

Why chose Chura?

- Quick treatment -- about 30 minutes

- The latest technology using a safe chemical and LED lights for a painless procedure and no risk of harm to your body

- Affordable prices - first treatment for ¥3,758, second and subsequent treatments at ¥4,860 - Reduced waiting time with a number of machines

Shintoshin branch