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Okinawa Island Guide
スポーツオーソリティ 沖縄ライカム店

The Sports Authority

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Let the Sports Authority guide you to fitness

The Sports Authority, conveniently located on the second floor of Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom, is the first and only location of this famous sporting goods brand. It carries a wide selection of sport and fitness supplies, equipment, clothing and even nutritional supplements. It is the go-to shopping destination for baseball, soccer, volleyball, basketball, tennis, badminton, table tennis, running, walking, swimming, marine sports, camping, trekking, golf and much more. The store also has American football equipment for sale.


Added benefits of a visit to Sports Authority are to be found in their Conditioning Room, where staff consultants assist customers in selecting the right equipment and clothing and the best exercise regimens to achieve their fitness goals safely and effectively. The facility also features the latest in sizing equipment and a body composition monitor.