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Okinawa Island Guide

Discover your favorite truck

With an extensive selection of items to choose from, many new food trucks have appeared on the scene and are gaining in popularity. Some of the trucks and the restaurants operating them are listed here.

Operated by Bacar, a popular Italian pizza restaurant in Naha, offering margherita and marinara pizza.

Food: Two types of pizza are prepared inside the bistro bus, US military surplus that Bacar renovated.

Neapolitan pizza baked in a truck equipped with a wood-fired oven

A huli-huli chicken trailer that can grill about 20 locally raised chickens at a time

In addition to a variety of "gypsy sandwiches" prepared with pizza dough, falafel popular with vegan customers. These are served every day at The SCARPETTERS To Go Shop, located in front of Baba Park in Sunabe.


Taqueria de Borrachos
Operated by Borrachos, a Mexican restaurant in Naha

Food: Mexican-style tacos with meat (beef or pork) wrapped in soft corn tortillas

Operated by an American burger shop in Sunabe, Chatan Town


Food: Hamburgers, sandwiches and BBQ plates