Okinawa Island Guide

Everything on Okinawa Island from A to Z | Enjoy island hopping by car at Katsuren Peninsula

Okinawa Island Guide

Enjoy island hopping by car at Katsuren Peninsula

If you want to explore the outlying areas of Uruma City, try island hopping around three islands connected by an inter-island causeway to the Katsuren Peninsula on Okinawa’s Pacific Ocean side. After driving some five kilometers to Henza Island, pass a bridge on your right and continue along the coastline to Miyagi Island, finally reaching Ikei Island, the last island on the hop. The further you go, the more pristine nature you’ll see, including strange rock formations and cliffs as well as the sea colored in shades of cerulean blue. With each attractive in its own way, the three islands are easy to access and provide a unique laid-back atmosphere found only here.




Hamahiga Island

Hamahiga is a small island with a perimeter of only seven kilometers.According to Ryukyuan legend, this island was inhabited by the gods and hosts a number of sacred sites and spiritual places in villages full of traditional houses. To get to the island, go to Henza Island via the inter-island causeway, then take the Hamahiga Bridge, built in 1997. The island is a peaceful getaway with beautiful natural beaches.




Murukuhama Beach

Restaurant Hapina

Kominka Shokudo Tirabui


Maruyoshi Shokuhin Co.

Miyagi Island

Because the altitude is higher here than on neighboring islands, visitors should not miss Kafu Banta (Cape of Happiness), which offers a scenic view from Nuchi-Una, a salt producer located on the cape that is also a popular tourist destination on the island. The breathtaking view of magnificent coral reefs makes this a scenic spot that’s rare even onthe main island of Okinawa.

Miyagi Island's hidden beach



Ikei Island

It takes about 90 minutes by car from Naha Airport to Ikei Island, the outermost of the three islands. The color of the ocean is beautiful, especially around Ikei Ohashi Bridge, and the landscape is stunning. There are two pleasant beaches here: Ikei Beach, with lockers, a shop and a restaurant, and the natural Odomari Beach.

Ikei Beach

Odomari Beach


Umi no Eki Ayahashi Kan