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Mother’s Day flower ideas

It's less than a week until Mother's Day. Do you want to impress your mom on this Mother's Day by sending her a stunning flower arrangement? Delphi is here to help you with all your Mother's Day flower arrangement requests. Delphi is a flower shop based in Chatan Town. Known for its tasteful floral creations, Delphi not only caters to a wide variety of wedding floral needs, but also works with a number of resorts and hotels around Okinawa and creates exquisite flower decorations for their lobbies, etc. Delphi's flower arrangement will be sure to delight your mom!

Type of flower arrangement: Choose between bouquet-style flower bunch or flower arrangement with a base. Whatever type you pick, you can specify your color preference for your floral creation, e.g., purple and pink, red and white, etc.
Delivery: Delivery service is not available to addresses on U.S. military bases, except for Kadena Air Base.


Flower arrangements


Flower arrangement with specially selected flowers, 4,000 yen (Customers are required to pick up the arrangement at the shop in Chatan.)











B: Flower arrangement with specially selected flowers, 5,000 yen (Price includes delivery fee.)
Red and white based flower arrangement.
Pink themed flower arrangement.











C: Custom-designed flower arrangement, from 6,000 yen (Price includes delivery fee. Please let us know your favorite flowers, color theme and budget, and the shop will create the perfect flower arrangement for you.)









Reservation deadline for Mother's Day flower arrangement orders: Friday, May 9, 2014
How to order
To place an order for a Mother's Day flower arrangement, please contact Island Life Concierge by phone or email. When you place an order via email, please include the following information in the message:
- Name
- Phone number
- Type of flower arrangement (A, B or C)
- Your preference between bouquet-style flower bunch (without base) or flower arrangement with a base
- Message you would like on the card attached to your flower arrangement
- Requested pick-up date and time
The information below is required only if you would like your flower arrangement delivered to a specific address.
- Requested delivery date and time (Delivery time must be selected from the following three options: 1: 9:00-12:00, 2: 12:00-17:00 or 3: 17:00-20:00.)
- Delivery address
- Name of recipient
*Payment must be made in advance by cash in yen or with credit card (*Payment with credit card is subject to a 5 percent surcharge.).

Island Life Concierge
Tel: 098-916-8593/090-1946-7493