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REBAQ eliminates microbes, bacteria, and fungi

The easiest way to disinfect any area is using a mist dispenser that covers an area of up to 1,000 sq. ft.

Hypochlorous acid is best known as a useful and potent ingredient in skin-care products, but it also turns out to be an effective disinfectant that is even able to destroy the coronavirus among other microbes, bacteria, and fungi.

As hypochlorous acid is a substance that our white blood cells create naturally to defend the body against bacteria, irritation, and injuries, it also is a completely safe cleaning agent for humans. It is commonly used in healthcare, the food industry, and about anywhere that a clean germ-free environment is required.

In Okinawa, a hypochlorous acid aqueous solution is available under the trade name REBAQ. This solution is used to clean and disinfect any surface by wiping or spraying. A device turning the solution into fine mist can cover an area of up to 1,000 sq. ft. to suppress viruses and fungi in the air and surfaces within the space. As an extra bonus, REBAQ solution is also an effective deodorizer that effectively eliminates bad odors.

The solution is sold in 10 and 20-liter packages. When used, the solution is recommended to mix 50/50 with water. When used in a mist dispenser, the 10-liter package is enough for 40 days of usage (2 to 3 hours/day).

The cost of a 10-liter pack of the solution is ¥4,300 while the 20-liter pack is ¥6,000. The mist dispenser costs ¥7,940.

REBAQ solution and mist dispenser are currently available by order at okinawa.rebaq@gmail.comor you can place an order at the Pack & Wrap in Camp Foster Services Mall.

Wiping individual surfaces and objects with the solution disinfects and deodorizes them effectively. It's also entirely harmless for humans.