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Ginowan Hagoromo Festival 2018

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This two-day summer festival is held in Ginowan City.
One of the main highlights of the festival is the traditional procession centering on the theme of a local legend about a maiden said to have descended into the city from the heavens. The procession features some 300 participants dressed in traditional garb who parade at Multi-purpose square, Ginowan Seaside Park while performing elaborate dances. A number of visitors come to the festival to witness this particular event from across the island.

Numerous events are scheduled, and some of the must-sees include a powerful Japanese drum performance, a hatagashira (banner) show, eisa, live music, a fireworks display and more. On the second day of the festival, when the Tobinsu-haninsu Kachaashii Contest takes place, the entire venue comes alive with people of all ages and nationalities enjoying Okinawan folk dancing, which, together with folk music, is an important expression of Okinawan spirit. The kachaashii contest is open to everyone (advance application required). The festival finale brings together more than 1,000 people dancing kachaashii, creating a very impressive sight.

Date: Sunday, Sept. 30, 2018
Time: 11:00-
Place: Multi-purpose square, Ginowan Seaside Park (Ginowan City)
Admission: Free