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Oku Yanbaru Koinobori Festival

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Hundreds of fish… in the sky

In April, many homes fly colorful carp banners called koinobori. Koinobori are also traditionally flown following the birth of a baby boy to announce the birth to the gods and to pray for the boy’s protection and healthy development, revealing the family’s nurture and concern.

On May 5, Children’s Day, koinobori events are held in every locale, filling the sky with myriad flying fish. One of the most popular traditional festivals is the Oku Yanbaru Koinobori Festival, which will take place from May 3 through May 5, 2018. During the festival, Kunigami Village's Oku neighborhood will be filled with some 500 carp banners hanging on the riverbanks. There are also a variety of events and programs scheduled, including eisa dance performances and live rock and folk music shows. In addition, numerous stalls selling delicious food and local vegetables add to the festival’s fun and joyous mood!

Date: Thursday, May 3-Saturday, May 5, 2018
Place: Oku Yanbaru no Sato
Admission: Free
Parking: Free