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Ikei art pieces in harmony with the island’s beauty


Displayed in a setting in perfect harmony with nature, an art exhibition is currently ongoing on Ikei Island that allows visitors to enjoy a brief escape from the fast-paced rhythm of the city.

The semiannual exhibition, which first opened to the public four years ago to promote the island, makes use of  the grounds of the former Ikei Junior High and Elementary School to showcase  the artworks.

This year, the exhibition will be spread out over four islands: Ikei Island, Miyagi Island, Henza Island and Hamahiga Island, with each island displaying a different set of pieces by local and national artists.

The furthest of a series of islands off the Katsuren Peninsula, Ikei Island is called ‘Ichihanari’ in the Okinawan dialect. On the way to the island via the Kaichu-doro causeway, you can also enjoy stunning views of the water.

Event name: Ichihanari Art Project 2015
Date: Saturday, Sept. 12-Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015
Time: 10:00-18:00
Place: Former Ikei Junior High/Elementary School and its surrounding area (Ikei Island)