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Itoman Great Tug-of-War


Itoman City, known as the city of uminchu (fishermen), hosts an annual tug-of-war to pray for a good harvest, a bountiful catch, good health and the safety of one’s family. It will be held on Route 331, where the North and South teams will pull a 180m (590 feet) rope. A michi-junee (eisa parade) will take place before the tug-of-war starts (from Itoman Elementary School to Hakugindou).

Date: Thursday, Sept. 15, 2016
Time: 14:00-18:00 (michi-junee 14:00-16:30; tug-of-war 17:00-18:00)
* Preparation (braiding) of the rope: 8:30-13:00
Place: From Itoman Rotary (Itoman Elementary School) to Hakugindou (Route 331)
Admission: Free