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Shioya Bay Sea God Festival


This is a festival dedicated to ensuring a good harvest and catch. The event will begin with locals praying at two sacred places, -- Tako Asagi and Yako Asagi. It will then move to Shioya, where men will take part in a haarii race, while women, wearing traditional costumes, will dance and cheer them on. In 1997 this traditional event was designated an intangible folk cultural property by the Japanese government.

Mainly led by local Kaminchu, Okinawan spiritual healers, the festival has maintained its traditional style, and locals take part in it with reverence. Although visitors are welcome, it is advisable to be courteous when participating in the event.

Date: Sunday, Aug. 21, 2016
Time: 12:00 onward
Place: Shioya Bay (Ogimi Village)
Admission: Free