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Izakaya Night


Roy's, the legendary Pacific Rim restaurant from Hawaii, is once again trying something new at its Aeon Mall Rycom Okinawa location in the form of Izakaya Night. “Izakaya” in Japan is a type of establishment in which patrons drink and eat in the company of friends. They are a tad food-service-oriented to be called bars, yet drinking is one of the main reasons for an izakaya visit.

Roy's, of course, has a fully stocked bar, but what they also have are world class chefs who will prepare dishes including Vietnamese lamb chops, butterfish misoyaki and other Pacific Rim-inspired delicacies.

Food is included with the cost of admission. Reasonably priced drink plans are a good way to get into the izakaya spirit.

For more information:

Date: Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2015
Doors open: 18:30
Food and drink service: 19:00
Place: Roy's (Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom, 5th Floor)
Admission: Adults 3,500 yen
Tel: 098-923-3002