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Hotel Moon Beach

Indulge yourself and the family at Onna Village's first seaside resort

The western coastal village of Onna is home to the legendary Hotel Moon Beach. Located adjacent to one of the island's most beautiful natural beaches, the resort features a tropical garden and a great selection of activities and accommodations. Hotel guests and day visitors alike can enjoy a fabulous meal featuring several delicious curries plus assorted Okinawan, Japanese and Western delicacies at all-day-dining restaurant Corallo. The Lagoon Pool, which opened in April 2016, greatly adds to the resort's subtropical ambiance with a location near the beach. Spend the day, night or weekend at Hotel Moon Beach for an exotic treat, whether you are a visitor to the island or just in need of some VIP treatment. Spa services, including sauna and a large bathing facility, are available as are a variety of beach activities. Be sure to ask about pool and restaurant packages. For more information: