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Okinawa Island Guide

Yonabaru Town / Haebaru City / Tomigusuku City




Densely populated urban residential areas are spread around Yonabaru Town, Haebaru City and Tomigusuku City, all located in the vicinity of Naha City. Tomigusuku City offers a variety of places of interest, including the Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters, Senaga Island and Toyosaki Chura Sun Beach. In addition, the town's coastal area is a popular shopping destination among tourists, dotted with large shopping centers as well as the Ashibinaa outlet mall. Haebaru City is the only municipality in Okinawa that has no coastline. Haebaru is known for its traditional shishimai (lion dance) that has been passed down through the generations in Miyahira. The Tomigusuku-Nakachi exit of the Naha Airport Expressway is the nearest exit to the airport and also a convenient way to get to downtown Naha, meaning most visitors to Okinawa will go through Tomigusuku City one way or another. The main highways in Yonabaru Town and Haebaru and Tomigusuku cities are lined with shopping centers, drugstores and a number of spots for dining out.