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Minna Island


'Croissant Island’

Situated off the Motobu Peninsula, Minna Island is affectionately known as “Croissant Island” due to its unusual crescent shape. The water of Minna Island is known for its clarity, and its beautiful beaches are pure white sand, with scenery reminiscent of the Caribbean. Reefs are located offshore, allowing the whole family to safely enjoy sea bathing and snorkeling.

During the peak summer period, ferries to Minna Island operate at increased frequency, and the island is crowded with both day-trippers and overnight visitors. The concession stand on Minna Beach is open during the summer months only, and there are no grocery stores or places to eat, although vending machines selling beverages can be found on the island. You are strongly recommended to purchase food and drink before getting aboard the ferry for Minna Island, unless you are going to stay at a lodge that provides meals. Minna Island is only four kilometers in circumference, and you can easily walk around it on foot.


Access information
Ferry: 15 minutes from Toguchi Port in Motobu Town (2-3 trips a day or 6 during the summer months)

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Specialties of Minna Island
Japanese radish, carrots, watermelons


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