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Ou Island


oujima_mapOu is a small island located south of Okinawa Island. With a perimeter measuring only two kilometers, it takes just five minutes to drive around the island. This island is connected to the main island of Okinawa by an approximately 100-meter-long bridge situated close to Miibaru Beach. The waters around Ou are calm, and the west side of the island is known for its scuba diving, which people can enjoy there despite rough seas elsewhere. The island is a 40-50 minute drive from Naha Airport.


Life in Ou is relatively quiet except for the day of the haarii. The boat race is held beneath the bridge linking Ou with the main island of Okinawa, filled with a number of visitors. An interesting attraction is the nagare bune (boat floating by), when participants jump off the bridge into the water and get into the boat.



Fishing is the main industry on Ou Island, which has a very laid-back atmosphere. But the tempura shop at the port is an exception and is crowded with locals and tourists on day trips looking for tempura of fish, squid, mozuku (seaweed) and vegetables as well as unusual ingredients such sausage and hash brown potatoes, reasonably priced and available from 60 yen per piece. The place is so popular that people often have to wait in line.


Squid drying in the open, a typical scene of Ou Island.