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Chatan Park Sunset Beach


This is a popular urban-style beach located in Mihama, stretching from The Beach Tower Okinawa hotel to the Depot Island shopping mall. The water is very shallow, allowing swimming only during high tide. As its name connotes, the beach affords an amazing sunset view over the sea. In its neighborhood, there are a number of shops and restaurants, many of which offer takeaway that you can enjoy on the beach.

Swimming season: April 12-Nov. 30
Hours: April-June, September: 9:00-18:00; July-August: 9:00-19:00; October: 9:00-17:30; November: 9:00-17:00
Admission: Free
Facilities and services: Changing rooms, shower facilities (100 yen), coin-operated lockers (200 yen), lifeguard, food concession, bar, swimming pool (Children ages 1 to elementary school students 100 yen; junior and senior high school students 150 yen; adults 200 yen)
Parking: Free
Pets: OK (Chatan Park) *Not allowed in the sandy beach area.
Snorkeling: Ok
Camping: Not allowed
Rentals: Beach and swimming gear
Marine activities: N/A

BBQ: OK (all year)
Bring your own BBQ grill and food: OK *Charcoal grills are not allowed.
BBQ package with food: 2,500 yen/person
*Ten people minimum required for the BBQ package.
*Advance reservation must be made at least three days prior to the requested date.

サンセットビーチ Chatan Park Sunset Beach

2 Mihama, Chatan Town
Tel: 098-936-8273

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